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Make it ethical

In Themes on January 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm

The beauty of the environmentally-friendly wedding is that it’s secret theme is cheapness. Suddenly you’re not a cheapskate but an eco-warrior. Here’s some tips for your perfect eco-wedding:

The child labour that makes your engagement diamond shine so brightly

The child labour that makes your engagement diamond shine so brightly

1. Avoid blood diamonds, as in any new diamonds, they’re bound to have been mined by Congolese slave types. Plus, vintage diamonds, or a non-diamond ring is way cheaper. To get extra eco points, go for a wood ring, like Touch Wood Rings.

2. Go big on something borrowed. If your friends have got married recently ask them for table runners, left over ribbons, cake tops etc, all under the cunning ruse of saving the planet.

3. Plump for potted plants. No one wants to see flowers being cut to death, so love the planet, love your wallet and have a potted flower as your centrepiece.

4. Arrive on foot. Dont use up the world’s valuable oil resources.

5. Love the charity shop. Insist that not only your dress but all the bridesmaids’ dresses are ethically sourced from charity shops.

6. Donate your gift list to charity. This may hurt, but to keep up the ethical pretence, it really is necessary. Ask guests to donate the price of a goat at Oxfam Unwrapped, rather than buying you John Lewis crockery.

7. Email your invites.

8. Make the cake yourself. Or get your mother-in-law-to-be to do it. That’ll keep her out of trouble for a while. FairTrade carrot wedding cake recipe here.

DIY carrot cake

DIY carrot cake

9. Talk the ethical talk. Stuff like ‘being true to our values’ and ‘neutralising our carbon footprint’ goes down a storm.

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