Credit Crunch Bride

DIY everything

In DIY on January 27, 2009 at 12:04 am

Someone has to make everything, why shouldn’t it be you?

1. Make your own decorations. Even those allergic to sewing can manage bunting.

2. Make your own placenames. These, from Once Wed, are like giving all your guests a medal.

Paper medallions

Paper medallions

Alternatively, make placepebbles like this couple. Simply steal pebbles from beaches round the country over the coming months (I have successfully done this from Chesil Beach using an extra large anorak). Then write placenames on said pebbles with silver marker. This will give you an A+ at Placename College.

3. DIY disco. It’s what the ipod was invented for.

4. DIY bridal make-up. You probably know your face better than a make-up artist anyway, it is what greets you every morning in the mirror. And if you think you need some tips, hang around the make-up counters in department stores until you get given a make-over.

5. Become a floristry expert. Even ladies who are a little soft in the head can manage to create a simple dome-shaped rose bouquet. Get a tutorial:

6. And for the advanced credit crunch bride, grow your own flowers.


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