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Your Maid of Honour is the Internet

In Dresses on January 29, 2009 at 10:12 pm

Frankly, I pity people who got married before the Internet. They wouldn’t be able to do all these amazing things:

1. Automatically save every draft of your wedding seating plan, invite list or budget on Google Docs. you’ll need a Gmail account (easy to set up) and then you can access it from any PC so you’lll be able to update it from work or home. You can also share the document online with your beloved. He can make amends which you can both see, like adding yet another guest who you barely know and care very little for.

2. Invite everyone via Facebook. Set up an event, keep the settings on ‘secret’ and the guest list hidden and you’re all go.You can add photos, videos and details.

3. Get your dress made up in China by an Ebay power seller for a song, in the safety of knowing the last few hundred customers were all happy with the service. TopRunway comes highly recommended if you’re going for a non-weddingish sort of gown.

4. Do price comparisons on everything before you buy.

5. Research everything. When information like the top 10 most popular (or cliched) wedding dances is available online, you have no excuse for kicking things off with ‘Lady in Red’. Then again, there’s never any excuse for that.


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