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The totally cheapest bridal bouquets ever

In DIY, Flowers on January 30, 2009 at 10:13 pm

Flowers, according to You and Your Wedding, should be costing a bride £300. £300 is a lot of meals for orphans though, isn’t it. So here’s some cheapskate options. Yay.

1. The imaginary bouquet. Not having flowers is hands down the cheapest.

2. Fall in love with carnations. They are extraordinarily cheap. The DIY carnation bouquet will, I believe, be the bouquet of The Crunch (as in Credit Crunch). Carnations are by far the cheapest flower, and in white look rather chic.

Carnation bouquets

Carnation bouquets

Find out how to make a carnation bouquet here.

Then you can add a cornucopia of carnation for your table decorations. Hell, give your wedding a Hawaiian theme and drape your reception with Carnation lei.

Sometimes just one is enough

Sometimes just one is enough

3. Single sunflowers. Sublime and ridiculous and ideal for DIY bouquets.

4. The classic rose. Hardy and not wildly expensive.


The green bridal bouquet

5. Chrysthanthemums. Not everyone’s cup of lapsang souchong, but outrageously cheap, especially if you order them online.

6. Seasonal bouquets. As a general guide, pastels are seasonal in spring, primary colors are in summer, gold, red, and purple are in autumn, and red and white are in winter.

7. The hand-tied bouquet is cheaper than its wired counterpart if you’re paying for a florist.

8. DIY crepe bouquet. Now that is cool, though somewhat labour intensive.

Crepe flowers by Martha Stewart

Crepe flowers by Martha Stewart

Find out how to make one here. Also, have a gander at Miss Wilkins paper flower inspiration here.

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  2. I love the idea of carrying a single sunflower. Sunflowers aren’t used in weddings often enough. I think they’re so cheery.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, my bridesmaids and I didn’t carry flowers at all. We carried feathered fans.

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