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Cheap-o-matic table decorations

In Decoration, DIY, Flowers on January 31, 2009 at 11:25 pm
A pot of wheatgrass

A pot of wheatgrass

1. The potted plant. It could be grass, moss or a flower. And you could let guests take them home.

Found here.

2. Impossibly tall candles. Or church candles in storm lanterns.

3. Floaters. Petals, roseheads or tea-light candles floating in goldfish bowls.


Ikea do cheapo vases.

5. Wild flowers in jam jars.

6. Mismatching vases.

7. Birdcages

8. Cacti

9. Candles on mirrors.

10. Articificial flowers.

11. Cake stands stacked with party poppers etc.

12. Number twelve is a secret.

Fish in a bowl

13. At lucky thirteen, we have goldfish. This is the best option by a kilometre. Give them to guests as favours. Then get done by the RSPCA for cruelty to fish.

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  2. I absolutely LOVE the goldfish idea. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere, and I have been avidly researching for months for a unique table decoration. THANKS!

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