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Never underestimate the power of a personalised placecard.

In Decoration, DIY on February 1, 2009 at 6:09 am

Its your chance to communicate directly to your guests, so make it personal, creative or at least amusing. This will make them resent you less if they’ve travelled miles just to not get to speak to you all night.

As ever, lets focus on the more ‘frugal’ place cards:

1. Give each guest a flamboyant pre-fix. The Notorious, The Right Dishonourable, The Illustrious, The Fantastic, The Wondrous etc. It makes everyone feel good about themselves and is an ice breaker.


“So, why have they named you The Insatiable Emma Brown?”

“Because I’m a slut.”


2. Use the power of words. Paint your guest’s name on cut-out hearts made from newspaper cuttings. Perhaps using the lonely hearts section would be appropriate. Or you could cut up a book of love poems. If you make each cutting personal to the guest, so much the better.

Newspaper hearts

Hearts made with newspaper and cardboard

Found here.

3. Badges and medals. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a party a success.’A place card that doubles as a badge’ is such a good idea it should be trademarked. Badge makers are surprisingly inexpensive at £20 a pop. Buy here.

Make 'my name is...' badges

Make 'my name is...' badges

Also see my post on crepe paper medallions as placecards.

  1. Badges .. a wonderful idea. So original

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