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Hanging decorations for the poverty-stricken

In Decoration, DIY on February 5, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Hanging decorations certainly aren’t compulsory in The Official Book of What Must Be Done At Weddings. However, they do add an air of jaunty celebration to proceedings. Here are some which wont have you spiraling into financial depression:

1. Coffee filter garlands. Hats off to Pam Garrison.

2. Bunting wears the happiness crown, and can be home-sown with mismatching fabric.



3. The hanging jar lantern – works wonders with any theme, and makes even the most hard-nosed bride go a little wobbly-lipped.

Hanging lanterns

Hanging jar lanterns by Martha Stewart

4. Fairy lights. Courtesy of Muji, Habitat,our your local pound store.

5. Ribbons. Gazillions of them. Draped luxuriantly from every tree and vertical item in sight.


Ribbon extravaganza

6. Or… Paper bags? Find out how to make them here.


  1. These are a pretty touch, thank you for sharing. Did you make the bunting? x

    • Not myself, the image is from Snippet & Ink I think. Mine will be borrowed from a friend’s who made it for her wedding!

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