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O how do you solve a problem like bridesmaids?

In Bridesmaids, flowergirls & pageboys, Dresses on February 9, 2009 at 9:15 pm

It’s enough to turn you to Andrew Lloyd Webber. OK, nothing could be that bad. However, The Bridesmaid Issue is a thorny one. The more popular you are, the more The Wedding God punishes you. Here’s how to keep bridesmaids costs in line with your bank balance:

1. Buy plain high street dresses. Reiss, J Crew and Banana Republic will give you some thing nicer, cheaper, more fashionable and less taffeta-based than any bridal shop.

J Crew's Erez range

J Crew's Erez range

2. Each bridesmaid has their own colour. If Sex in The City can do it, so can you.

Sex in the City

Sex in the City

Indeed, you can even create a rainbow icecream effect, like these lovelies:

By Kay Unger

By Kay Unger

3. Bridesmaid’s all wear black. This marvellously simple tip was was sent in by Elizabeth. See what else the lovely Elizabeth has done to keep prices in check for her wedding here.

4. Don’t have bridesmaids. If you’re over 30, or are developing fine lines, it’s undignified anyway.

5. Go young with bridesmaids. The younger they are the less they’ll realise what a cheapskate you’re making of them.

6. Let them wear what they like. They’ll probably thank you. No one ever uses bridesmaid’s dresses again, however much they lie to you they will. It’s a science fact.

7. Buy hair accessories, matching ribbons and bouquets, not dresses.

  1. Check out the dress I picked for my bridesmaids… it’s absolutely beautiful and cost under $100!

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