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Success at Oxfam Brides

In Dresses on February 10, 2009 at 8:44 pm
One Oxfam bridal gown

One Oxfam bridal gown

So, I’ve blogged about Oxfam Brides before, on Credit Crunch Weddings Dresses. However, now I can blog with the benefit of experience. Yes indeed, I am now endowed with the experience of one Leatherhead Oxfam Bridal department, just round the M25.

After a particularly filling afternoon tea on Leatherhead’s High St, my friend and I (both soon to be wed), headed off to our appointment upstairs at Oxfam. Admittedly, upstairs at a charity shop is not where most little girls imagine finding their dream dress. However, the assistant was very nice and didn’t seem to have any Cruella De Ville tendencies at all. There was a good 80 dresses, 79 of them unworn and direct from designers, and hardly any were nasty polyester.

More to the point, my friend found her dress, an raw silk, ivory, high halter neck, mermaid creation for £300. I’m sure it was by some outrageously expensive designer, but the labels had been cut off.

Leatherhead bridal shop

Leatherhead bridal shop

It’s probably time you made all your white wedding dreams come true at Oxfam Bridal.

  1. Oxfam bridal is where I bought my dress.

  2. […] Credit Crunch Bride visited the Leatherhead branch, and I can see straightaway from the pictures of the shop that she […]

  3. hi i’m Sue Hutchings, manager of the southampton bridal shop, i have a blog address for interested brides to be about our shop and photo;s of the gowns worn in our recent fashion shows.

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