Credit Crunch Bride

This is no ordinary ring. This is a laughably cheap ring.

In Rings on February 21, 2009 at 11:58 am

You know the credit crunch is really crunching when Marks and Spencers start selling an engagement ring and wedding band set for £18. It comes in 4 sizes, with a ‘M&S’ hallmark on the inside. Perfect for the really loyal M&S customer.

Not quite a month's salary, unless, of course you're a very poorly paid illegal immigrant

Not quite a month's salary. Unless, of course, you're a very poorly paid illegal immigrant

Read the Daily Mail article here.

Meanwhile Ernest Jones is selling a nine-carat white gold ring for £115. Their cheapest engagement ring costs £275. Also, ‘Jazz it up’ is selling engagement rings for £150. See article here.

Alternatively, you could go for:

1. A vintage ring. Portobello Road is a good place to look.

2. A wooden ring. The planet will thank you.

From Simply Wood Rings

From Simply Wood Rings

3. An online ring at get much more diamond for your buck apparently.

5. A non-diamond ring. Moonstones, pink sapphires or even your birthstone are far less identikit than your average solitaire diamond. Look at stones here.




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