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Real life recessionista brides

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Here’s some real life recessionista brides and a few of their stories of stealing not splurging.

The back garden wedding: Nicola and Stuart.

Nicola and Stuarts back garden wedding

Nicola and Stuart's back garden wedding

This pair tied the knot for under £5,000. Here is their cunning plan:

They had a service at their local church then walked to a marquee reception in their garden. There they served cava (at £3.50 a bottle thanks to a French booze cruise)and a sit-down home-made buffet of poached salmon, salads and strawberries and cream. They got everyone to help out in some way, from giving patio heaters to doing the photography to making the wedding cake for them.

The eBay wedding: Chris and Odette

The eBay wedding

The eBay wedding

This marital union was constructed for the princely sum of £600. It was thanks to eBay that Odette bought her dress for £52, her stiletto black boots for £21 and the bridesmaid’s earrings and necklace for £5.99. They have purchased second hand rings for £19 each and asked guests to bring their own food and wine. The local radio station provided the wedding car and the local paper did the photography.

The 5p dress wedding: Heather and Mark

The 5p dress wedding

The 5p dress wedding

This clever young lady bought this antique dress on eBay for 5p. at £40 the postage cost 800 times the price of the dress.

The Friday wedding: Steve and Zoe

The Friday wedding

The Friday wedding

This frugal pair paid £460 for the hire of a Bentley and a Daimler, which would have cost an extra £100 on a Saturday. A further £50 was saved on catering, and the wedding photographs, which could have cost up to £700 on a Saturday, came in at half that. It cost £4500 in all about 25% cheaper than it might have been on a Saturday.

Please do write in with your stories and photos of being a real life bride of the recession.


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