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Wedding reception drinks on a budget

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With 40% of an average wedding budget disappearing into food and booze, it’s worth thinking about how to cut corners without looking a cheapskate. Here’s how:

1. Make it look pretty. A raspberry on the side of a glass of champagne or edible flowers frozen in icecubes will be remembered more than whether your wine was from a vintage year or not.

Strawberries with your  bubbly, sir?

Strawberries with your bubbly, ma'am?

2. Bring a bottle. Instead of a gift list, encourage guests to bring a bottle of their favourite tipple. It’ll probably work out cheaper for them present-wise, and will mean everyone gets to drink what they like.

3. Cava not champagne. Champagne is a marvelous invention, but its Italian cousin Prosecco is a fraction of the price and just as nice. Cava also results in the same bubble-fuelled hilarity as champagne. You could even try a dry pink New World sparkling wine or a pink cava for your toast.

4. Don’t follow tradition, because tradition = expense. Try champagne cocktails like bellinis or Kir Royal (with sparkling wine, natch). Alternatively provide beer, or to give your event a whiff of Henley, serve Pimms and lemonade.

5. Limit happy hour. The more hours of boozing involved, the more will be drunk, the more your overdraft will shudder. What about a shorter wedding, say just afternoon tea or drinks and canapes. Or how about a cash bar later on.

6. Go wild on soft drinks. It’s worth having lots available, and making them look like attractive classy options. How about elderflower presse, or home made lemonade.

Lemonade sir?

Lemonade sir?

7. Start expensive, then go cheap. After afew glasses, your guests palates will be much more accepting of vinegary wine.

8. The booze cruise to Calais has been made a little less financially exciting, due to the pound’s demise. However it’s still worth doing.

9. Buy wine on a sale or return basis. Ooh, and if you’re using a catering company, count the empty bottles to check the swines don’t over-charge you.

10. A drinks fountain is cheaper than someone serving drinks, and more memorable.

drinks fountain

The drinks fountain

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