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The ancient art of bridal bartering

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2009 at 4:00 pm
wedding bartering

Used since the times of Neanderthal nuptials, bridal bartering is an ancient and oft-forgotten skill. However, in these times of fiscal hardship its making a swift come-back. Here’s a mini guide to becoming an Extreme Bridal Negotiator:

1. Work out your swappable skills. You’re skills don’t have to be wedding related; they just need to be something a wedding vendor might need. So if you’re an accountant, a builder or a hairdresser, you coudl be in luck.

2. Be cheeky. No asky, no getty. This couple managed to get a £12,000 wedding for £3,000…

The wedding car Dan and Gemma bartered for

The wedding car Dan and Gemma bartered their way to

3. Offer exposure on your blog if you have one. There are plenty of photographers who are willing to do free photos in exchange for online exposure.

4. Share flowers – if someone’s getting married earlier in the day in the same registry office, or if there’s a Friday wedding at your venue, maybe you should go halves on flowers? Fingers crossed your floral tastes will align.

5. Use swap sites – There’s Big Day Barter in the States, with the quite unique tagline “You’ve bought the garter, now’s time to barter”. Over here in middlingly grey England there’s Swapcycle for general swapping, and Freecycle for getting rid of stuff you don’t need.


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