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With this outrageously over-priced ring, I thee wed

In Rings on April 24, 2009 at 10:44 pm

Ladies, a ring is a symbol of your love and commitment. It’s not an exact replica. A big rock does not mean he loves you more, neither is it physical proof of how valuable you are in this world. If you’ve chosen to marry the man you love rather than a balding billionaire, you may have to compromise a little in the one carat diamond stakes.

Hand made ring made by manipulating the silver while molten

Hand made ring made by manipulating the silver while molten

Best starting point is to dare to be different. If you insist on a platinum ring with a single solitaire diamond (brilliant cut, natch) and then a matching platinum wedding band, the Wedding Industrial Complex will make you pay big time. Diamonds are not the only stone; platinum is not the only metal.

Concrete rings surely must symbolise permanence. From 22designstudio

Concrete rings surely must symbolise permanence. From 22designstudio

Here’s some less eye-wateringly expensive, alternative ring choices:

1. Don’t wear one. My mother never wore one, and has managed being married for 34 years and counting. Indeed when I was a child, she once told me rings were symbols of slavery (she’s since denied this).

2. Yellow gold is very fashion forward. For some it’s the metal of grannies and gypsies, but it’s half the price of platinum, hardwearing and is making a come-back in the fashion world.

3. White gold. This is basically gold with a coating. You may need to get it re-coated at points, but it’s still cheaper than platinum.

4. Titanium. If you’re an active woman, or star frequently as one of the rollerblading, sports-loving extras in tampax adverts, you may want an unbreakable, unscratchable, lightweight, titanium ring. It also happens to be easy on the credit card.

Titanium. If it works in hip replacements, you know its forever.

Titanium. If it works in hip replacements, you know it's forever.

5. Go vintage. Portobello Market in London has a series of antique jewellery stalls which have hand-cut Victorian diamonds bigger than your iris for much less than a new diamond.

5. Use your engagement ring as a wedding ring as well. The ground will not open up and swallow you up if you have just one wedding band not two.

6. Try semi-precious stones. See my earlier post on this.

7. Choose an unusual cut or design. What your ring lacks in expense, it makes up for in imagination.Make it round, marquise, emerald, princess, radiant or pear.

8. Embrace flaws. A slightly yellow diamond or one with a tiny flaw goes down in the gemology ratings. If you want a big rock, just get a flawed one. No one will know, unless you’re in a habit of whipping out your gemology certificate and pointing at the clarity rating your stone has. Anyway, slightly coloured diamonds have more character.

  1. My ring is beautiful and was very inexpensive, we bought a band from Hong Kong via ebay – platinum, square cut, shoulders with 2 carats of diamonds in a pave setting, the mount is 3 carat to hold a princess cut. Sounds expensive right? Well the diamonds are simulants, they are grown in a lab and the retailer we purchased from is a proper shop that offers a life time guarantee. We then purchased a 3 carat princess cut Peridot and had it set in the band by the jeweller we bought the gemstone from. All in all a beautiful unusual ring for around £500 (best guess as Hubby to be is not telling the price!)Try diamond nexus labs for complete simulant rings, its where we got the idea from! Cx

    • Thanks for this comment! I looked at the site and their rings are gorgeous and for way cheaper than the ones we’ve looked at.
      I also wanted a wedding ring with color, not just diamonds, and their loose gems are crazy cheap for the same stone.

      This just helped our budget a lot. Thanks!


  2. of course, diamond rings would always be the best type of wedding rings that you can give your wife ~””

  3. oh my, can somebody please tell me where i could find that ring that is pictured?? any help would be much appreciated.

  4. the very last one pictured, i mean.

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