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Distract them with details

In Decoration, Photography, Uncategorized on May 27, 2009 at 11:04 pm

Wedding guests are a little like small children who ignore their birthday present and spend hours playing with the cardboard box it came in – their interest is often not in what you’d expect. It’s the little, often inexpensive things that are remembered. You spend thousands on an expensive venue, and then people just remember that sweet thing you did with the hat clips or the seating plan board. Damn them. Unless, of course, you’re flat broke, have a cheap venue, cheap dress and cheap eats, in which case you’ll be happy they’re so easily pleased.

Here’s five ways to distract them with details:

1. Crazy table naming – do something special with your table names. Be it giant numbers, the names of your favourite films or, perhaps, all the places you had your best shags (“So daughter, why is our table called The Back of The Nissan Micra?”)

Giant table numbers

Giant table numbers

2. Giant balloons.

Giant white balloons fade any bouquet into paltry insignificance.

Giant white balloons fade any bouquet into paltry insignificance.

3. Chinese paper lanterns – each guest lets their off at the end of the evening. Watch them float away over the countryside (and hopefully not land in a tree, start a fire and land you in the dock on arson charges).

Fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon

4. Windmills, masks and fake moustaches. All are amusing when discovered at table settings, after a couple of glasses of bubbly. Then again, most things are amusing after a couple of glasses of bubbly.


5. Guest-generated photography. Disposable cameras on tables or a photo booth will create equal amounts of genius and terrible shots as well as the occasion rude photo of genitalia.

6. Sparklers – Even adults go gooey-eyed over sparklers

  1. These are all such great ideas for making weddings more fun! They really take things beyond drinks and dancing. It’s odd to me how many fake mustache pics I’m seeing from weddings lately. Never figured that for a wedding trend! But whatever works/entertains!

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