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Getting married in the midst of the global financial tsunami? Brides of the recession have faith: fairy-tale weddings can happen on a budget with just a little bit of imagination and double-sided sticky tape. In 2009, the cheap wedding is the new black. From venues, to flowers, to dresses, to canapes, there’s always a cheapskate solution.

Comments and tips from any other budding credit crunch brides are much appreciated.

As for my own ‘real life wedding story’, I’m got hitched this summer at a friend’s amazing Georgian manor:

Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire

Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire

Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire

Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire

It’s like the Babington House of the North, and is just 2 and a half hours from London’s Kings Cross on the train.

Here’s a quick summary of Le Outfit:

My dress was a mix of three of special ingredients –Ā  eBay, J Crew and some clever customising by the East End’s Junky Styling.

The original J Crew 'Gracie' gown

The original J Crew 'Gracie' gown

J Crew and eBay came to the rescue again with my wedding shoes…

J Crew 'Lucie' heels in gold, purchased on eBay for a snip.

J Crew 'Lucie' heels in gold, purchased on eBay for a snip.

In the spirit of not-overdoing-jewellery and also the spirit of 2-for-1, my engagement ring doubled up as my wedding ring. But what a fabulous ring it is…

Antique diamond ring with Victorian hand cut diamond and Art Deco setting from Portobello Antiques Market.

Antique diamond ring with Victorian hand-cut diamond and Art Deco setting from Portobello Antiques Market.

  1. I love this blog! I found it through weddingbee. You’re clever and funny, and do not take the bridal industry seriously…thank you!

    Tips I have used to try and save money are…
    1) I bought all wedding dishes and flatware from a discount store and will donate them to a non-profit org. after the wedding. It actually costs more but the donation is tax deductible and a non-profit gets a good set of china to use when they are convincing financiers to give them money šŸ™‚

    -Another sweet idea would be buy cheap china from a thrift store and have mismatching china…for a garden wedding that could be darling.

    2) Bridesmaids wear little black dresses…enough said

    3) Selling my dress afterward on

    4) My mother is a minister and is marrying me

    5) Found a local restaurant and asked them to cater. Told the owner the price per head and she made me a menu. Supporting local business is recession friendly too.

    6) Stocking my own bar, hiring a distant friend to bar tend.

    7) Setting the reception tables with empty mason jars filled with water and forcing young cousin to collect bridal bouquets and sprint to reception after ceremony to deposit bouquets in said mason jars.

    8) Bartering…Offering my parent’s summer cottage in return for wedding photography. The photographer couldn’t have afforded to take a vacation and both of our families are thrilled at the swap. Any services you can offer someone else may benefit you-Craigslist helps.

    Thanks again!!!

    • to elizabeth i love the black bridesmaid dresses with pink ribbon would you be able to tell me where you got them , i am having troublr finging black for my eldest bridesmaid and love this one i would be very grateful for your help ..


      nikki xx

  2. […] 3. Bridesmaid’s all wear black. This marvellously simple tip was was sent in by Elizabeth. See what else the lovely Elizabeth has done to keep prices in check for her wedding here. […]

  3. We are reducing our costs by sticking to the principal if it is not vintage, recycled, second hand or on sale, we don’t include it. We (my mother and I) have collected all the vintage crockery from charity shops, e-bay and raiding our grandmothers cupboards. My dress and my groom’s outfits are from charity shops and e-bay and my shoes were on sale in Selfridges. We have bought our table linens as ex-rentals and we are going to donate any crockery, cutlery and linens we don’t need afterwards.

  4. thanks. Will take a look.

    In my post above I of course meant principle, not another version of an american headteacher…

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  6. I love this blog. Absolutely fantastic and really, really witty.

  7. I love the venue – a fairy tale destination at a fairy tale price!
    Elizabeth – I love your moneysaving tips too – especially the deal to swap some time in your parents’ holiday cottage for the photographer to cover your wedding. I know a tree surgeon who is taking care of the trees at a local barn in exchange for them him being able to use it as his wedding venue!

  8. I love LOVE love this blog. Very good articles. I will definitely be checking back from time to time.

  9. This blog is fabulous! I’m a wedding planner for altenative weddings and one of the packages we offer is especially for brides on a budget. I’d love to do an interview on you and your blog if you don’t mind? If you’re up for it email me I think you’re on your honeymoon so enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you! Josie x

  10. Stumbled upon by accident (you’ve featured some of my bunting – thank you!) I wish I’d have had this many useful tips 11 years ago…. šŸ™‚ Every wedding should be special – but you really don’t need to spend a fortune. It’s the little things that people remember and cherish. My cake was made by a friend…. (VERY alice in wonderland before it was trendy!!!), my dress by a friend of a friend (with silk bought in India for Ā£30!) and I designed and printed the invites…. It was a fantastic day. Thank you again, kindest regards, Sharon xxx

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