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Wedding websites without the rip off

In Wedding websites on April 19, 2009 at 9:31 am
Wedshare wedding websites
Wedshare wedding websites

The loveliest, most heart-warming thing about the World Wide Webulator is that it is basically free. Millions of people run free blogs and create websites using free web builders. Strangely though, the Wedding Industrial Complex still manages to convince couples to pay to set up a wedding website, when non-wedding websites can be created for zilch.

On the other hand, wedding websites can cut down the amount of info you need to put in your invites, can simplify rsvps and allow you to update your guests on last minute changes. It’s basically a sliding scale of hassle vs. price.

Here’s four decent options:

1. If you’re going to go for a wedding website provider, WedSimple is your best bet. It’s probably the best on the market – It’s easy to use, the webdesigns aren’t bad and it’s not badly priced. It’s $10/ £7 a month or $80/£56 for an unlimited package. However, your URL (website name) will include the words ‘wedsimple’ in it, which you may not fancy.

Sample of on of the 70 designs available on Wedsimple
Sample of one of the 70 designs available on Wedsimple

2. If you don’t want to pay a penny you could set up a simple blog totally free with Blogger. Change the settings so that post dates and times are not displayed, then your guests simply scroll down to see all the information. In this instance has a great post on how to set up a DIY Blogger website.

Example Blogger Wedding blog
Example Blogger Wedding blog

If you don’t want a Blogger URL (i.e. you can just buy your own custom URL and put a redirect on your Blogger blog (i.e. This normally costs about £10-20 with someone like Names.

3. A third way is to use a normal website builder and provider. This is generally far cheaper and you get more flexible designs. The best for someone new to building websites is squarespace. It’s a one stop website shop with templates which designers wouldn’t sniff at.

Squarespace templates
Squarespace templates

4. And finally, you could make your life really easy  by just emailing a beautiful pdf invite and a web link. No need for paper invites at all…