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Mismatched: the most recession-friendly wedding theme

In Themes, Uncategorized on May 17, 2009 at 10:32 pm
Love the mismatch. Reject the matchy matchy.

Love the mismatch. Reject the matchy matchy.

It’s one of life’s great answered questions. How come most women before getting engaged are fans of many contrasting and clashing colours in their lives, and then moments after The Proposal go all matchy-matchy? Before The Proposal they were happy with wearing co-ordinating separates, painting accent colours on their walls and not owning a single twin set, and then suddenly After The Proposal everything must must match. Weird, but unquestionably true.

Matchy-matchy weddings, where the chair bows must match the favours, the save the date cards and the mother-of-the-bride’s corsage are both stressful and expensive. Luckily, with a mismatched theme to your wedding, all these problems seem to melt away. Here’s how to do it:

1. Mismatch the bridal party. This means they can just wear an outfit of their own with zero cost to you.

Bridesmaids wearing their own dresse

2. Mix up your outfit. Having a white dress doesn’t mean you also have to have all your accessories in white. Avoid forking out for accessories you’ll only ever wear once by jazzing up your outfit with bright accessories.

This bride has take mismatching to a whole new level

This bride has taken mismatching to a whole new level

3. Mismatch your flowers. Who said every table has to have the same flowers? OK, some people do, but you don’t have to. And if you’re DIYing it, it means you have much more freedom with the flowers you get.

4. Mismatch your table settings. A different table cloth for every table. Yay.

tea-party-table-country-living mismatched wedding

5. Mismatch your husband. Not really. However, you could post-rationalise your mismatched theme by claiming that you already have the perfect match. Aah.

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Rainbow: the cunning new wedding theme for the cash-strapped

In Bridesmaids, flowergirls & pageboys, Themes on April 13, 2009 at 10:32 pm
Bring on the rainbow wedding

Bring on the rainbow wedding - Courtsey of

Here comes the bride. All in ivory, with ivory shoes, ivory veil and a bouquet in a co-ordinating colour, followed by bridesmaids in the coordinating colour and ivory bouquet. And here comes The Wedding Industrial Complex, ripping you off left right and centre, with plaintive cries of “and surely you’ll be wanting ivory napkins with that?” and “I assume you’ll be wanting the table runners in the co-ordinating colour?”

Say no to The Wedding Industrial Complex. Reject their colour scheme. Give their colour-coordinated price tags the karate chops they deserve.

Instead, choose the only colour scheme they could not in one million years approve of… The Anti Colour Scheme: rainbow. The only rule is, no colour must be the same.

Here’s how to bring rainbows your wedding:

Who could be down on rainbow bridesmaids? Not I.

Who could be down on rainbow bridesmaids? Not I.

1. Rainbow bridesmaids – if Sex in the City‘s finest can have non-matching bridesmaids, so can you. Plus, your bridesmaids can choose to wear colours that suit them. They could even wear dresses they already have.

Buttonholes and socks in all sorts of merry colours

Buttonholes and socks in all sorts of merry colours

2. Ushers each with a differently coloured socks.

3. Different types and colours of flowers at every table. The beauty of this is that you could pick up a dozen different bouquets from your local supermarket, whatever they have in stock, and suddenly it all seems planned.

No one can feel sad at a rainbow wedding.

No one can feel sad at a rainbow wedding.

4. A multi-coloured bouquet. Gerberas, ranunculus or carnations work perfectly here.

5. Rainbow wedding cake. (see earlier post on the joys of the rainbow cake).

Why stick to one colour when you can have five?

Why stick to one colour when you can have five?

6. A non-white dress. Shocking, to some, but more wearable and you’ll probably get something far cheaper that’s far better designed.

6. Any colour stationery. Here’s a secret. No one will remember if your invites match with the rest of your wedding. They just won’t. Is it something you’ve ever double-checked when you’ve arrived at a wedding? No, you were probably too busy worrying about laddering your tights or being late to give it a second thought. Just go with whatever.

The lollipop favour no other wedding could have

The lollipop favour no other wedding could have