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On buying DIY wedding flowers cheaply

In DIY, Flowers, Uncategorized on March 28, 2009 at 8:46 pm
Even the most DIY-allergic bride can manage putting a single rose in a vase

Even the most DIY-allergic bride can manage putting a single rose in a vase

The first rule of sourcing anything wedding-related is ‘never talk about weddings’. Mention the W word and suppliers eyes light up as dollar signs spin through their retinas. The same goes for sourcing your own wedding flowers. Avoid florists, especially bridal florists where possible. They’ll only charge you up the arse.

Here’s some thoughts on how to fulfil your DIY floristry needs:

2. Online bulk flowers – Post a rose does a dozen roses for £19, or even a potted white rose for £17.

Then there’s Tesco’s old flower supplier – Postal Bouquets – who do a hand tied bouquet of avalanche roses for £23.

£23 from Postal Bouquets

£23 from Postal Bouquets

Also DIY Flowers does 100 roses for £170.

2. Supermarket flowers – You could save yourself a load of hassle and get all your centrepieces delivered from Asda Flowers at about £22 a bouquet.

 A bunch of 10 roses and 10 freesias for £14 from Asda Flowers

A bunch of 10 roses and 10 freesias for £14 from Asda Flowers

2. Wholesale suppliers. If you happen to run your own company or know someone who does, you can register with your company number to order bulk flowers online at places like

And for the Yanks, Costco do online flowers at great prices, though they are known to be a little unreliable…

3. Flower markets – If you can deal with a very early morning a couple of days before your wedding, then this could be for you.

New Covent Garden Flower Market

New Covent Garden Flower Market

New Covent Garden Market, near Vauxhall, London is open early mornings every day but Sunday. Expect sneery looks, no advice but a huge range of boxes or big bunches of cheap flowers.

4. Buy silk flowers. They’ll pretty much never droop or wilt. Try Sarah’s Flowers.

5. Get bucketloads of water for when any delivered flowers arrive. They’ll be parched and on the verge of wilting, so make sure you top up the water as they drink it up.

6. Warmth opens. As a general rule to open flowers, give them warmth – so a steamy bathroom and buckets of warm water for closed buds; cold water and a cold room if they’re already ripe and open on arrival.

7. A drop of bleach in vases will keep them alive longer. Just a drop, mind.

8. The days before… For Saturday weddings, get the flowers delivered on a Thursday,make up the centrepieces on Friday, the bouquets later on Friday and buttonholes on Saturday morning.


This is no ordinary ring. This is a laughably cheap ring.

In Rings on February 21, 2009 at 11:58 am

You know the credit crunch is really crunching when Marks and Spencers start selling an engagement ring and wedding band set for £18. It comes in 4 sizes, with a ‘M&S’ hallmark on the inside. Perfect for the really loyal M&S customer.

Not quite a month's salary, unless, of course you're a very poorly paid illegal immigrant

Not quite a month's salary. Unless, of course, you're a very poorly paid illegal immigrant

Read the Daily Mail article here.

Meanwhile Ernest Jones is selling a nine-carat white gold ring for £115. Their cheapest engagement ring costs £275. Also, ‘Jazz it up’ is selling engagement rings for £150. See article here.

Alternatively, you could go for:

1. A vintage ring. Portobello Road is a good place to look.

2. A wooden ring. The planet will thank you.

From Simply Wood Rings

From Simply Wood Rings

3. An online ring at get much more diamond for your buck apparently.

5. A non-diamond ring. Moonstones, pink sapphires or even your birthstone are far less identikit than your average solitaire diamond. Look at stones here.