Credit Crunch Bride

Forget horse-drawn carriages

In Transport on January 25, 2009 at 5:29 pm

When it comes to wedding transport the credit crunch bride needs to ‘think outside the box’ as the ad men say. It’s time to re-think those wedding fantasies, taking them away from Bentleys or horse-drawn carriages, and more towards vehicles like Indian Ambassador cabs, £40 an hour from Karma Kabs.

Karma Kabs

Karma Kabs

Better still, have a ceremony and reception in the same place, and stay at the venue, avoiding the need for car hire.

Or finally, arrive on foot. Very eco-friendly, very 2009, very cheap.

  1. I heard about a young lady who arrived at her wedding ceremony on the bus, all dressed up in her gown and veil. She said it was lovely and everyone on the bus were lovely to her and wished her luck etc. etc.

    Also, what about taking a taxi? I quite like the idea of decorating a hackney cab with ribbons and the likes, and probably cheaper than £40 (depending on how far you’re going of course!)

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